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we change lives through theatre

Called to act locally and think globally, we are here to help restore community and family bonds, acting as a catalyst for positive change.


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    Donna's Acting Coaching Classes
    Make a schedule that's convenient for you.
    Donna's Acting Coaching Classes


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Indaba Theatre Board

Donna Cotterell, President

Shauna Smith, Vice President

Paul Rutkovsky, Treasurer

George James, COO

Andi Watts, Executive Secretary

Manuel Paez, Manager

Michael Hawes, Honorary Member

Mark Masserly, Honorary Member

Our Founder

Donna Cotterell, founder and President of Indaba Theatre of New England and Indaba Theatre of

Florida, both 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations under the umbrella of Indaba of New England, Incorporated was selected as one of Brockton, Massachusetts Women of the Year in 2012.


Currently, Donna and business partner Shauna Smith with the help of Board members and volunteers have a created a garden and mural project in Tallahassee, Florida.  The warehouse space is in the initial phases to become a performance art center.   The interior stage will be dedicated to Frank A. Shefton who became President of Indaba of New England until his passing in November 2020.


Mentoring is at the core of Indaba Theatre.  We are an affiliate of the National CARES Mentoring Movement. 


Tallahassee Indaba CARES Mentoring will launch with Indaba and Associates grand opening. 


We at Indaba and Associates believe that we facilitate growth by using the arts, mutual aid and urban farming for sustainability.  



Our Mission

Indaba is a Zulu word for coming together for a meeting or purpose.


Our mission is to inspire, empower, uplift and create healthy outlets of self-expression, using theater as therapy to help people overcome obstacles in their life.

Our Vision

Through our work and commitment, we hope to build a brighter, more fruitful community and empower those that we encounter.

Our Purpose

As a healing focused theater company, committed to engaging our community and all the institutions that make up our communities, we integrate artistic vision into the everyday experience of being alive to uplift the human spirit.



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White Ribbon Gala, 2019


Domestic violence awareness:

Men pledge to speak out!


Conversations for Change: Homelessness, 2018

Auditions held at The Kearney Center (link to news)


Conversations for Change: Intersectional Feminism, 2017


Rad Kids Activism Club, 2017


Stories for Peace Concert, 2017

Donna Cotterell is a featured storyteller. 


No Promised Tomorrows, 2015


Marigold Days, 2015


Community Healing Days 2021

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